The traditions of love and gift-giving do not stop after the ‘I do’s’. On the contrary, the couple may enjoy years of anniversaries together long after the special day. There are traditional materials, colours and stones for each. In addition to keeping to the traditions, these actually make choosing a gift a lot easier.

Year 1 – Paper

  • Recipe book
  • Novel
  • Designer wallpaper
  • Scrapbooking kit
  • A personal journal
  • Tickets to a concert, theatrical performance or sports match
  • A heartfelt letter or poem (written on good quality paper)
  • A paper invitation to a special dinner or romantic experience
  • A paper subscription to their favourite mag or a local club

Year 2 – Cotton

  • Gorgeous linen
  • Clothing
  • Recover the couch
  • Personalised gown
  • Sexy cotton underwear
  • Cotton hammock
  • A quilt

Year 3 – Leather

  • Handbag
  • Shoes
  • Briefcase
  • Leather-bound personal organiser
  • Leather furniture
  • Belt
  • Photograph album
  • Wine bottle holders

Year 4 – Fruit and Flowers

  • An impressive, extraordinary bouquet
  • Landscape the garden
  • A bonsai tree
  • A sapling of his / her favourite plant
  • Plant a tree as a symbol of your flourishing relationship
  • A fruit basket to enjoy on a romantic picnic
  • Wrap any gift in floral paper

Year 5 – Wood

  • Furniture
  • Jewellery box
  • A tree
  • A love-seat for the garden
  • A personalised wooden cricket bat

Year 6 – Candy

  • Chocolate body paint
  • A sweet buffet after a romantic dinner
  • Visit a chocolate factory
  • Make chocolate margaritas to be enjoyed with another fabulous anniversary gift

Year 7 – Copper and Wool

  • Knitted clothing
  • A wool rug
  • Copper photo frame
  • Antique copper ornaments (kettles, coal buckets, and so on)
  • Give him or her 7 copper coins and an accompanying gift for each one

Year 8 – Bronze

  • Bronze sculpture
  • A bronzing session at the salon
  • Bronze-coloured bikini or tie
  • A vacation that involves lots of bronzing sunshine

Year 9 – Pottery

  • Enrol in a pottery course together
  • A pair of pottery coffee mugs or goblets (perhaps personalised)
  • Ceramic items for the home
  • A ceramic hair straightener

Year 10 – Tin

  • A case of his favourite tins of beer
  • Put your special gift in a tin container
  • Hire movies with “tin” in the title and have a romantic night in
  • Make tin lanterns and scatter them around your garden for a romantic setting

Year 15 – Crystal

  • Crystal chandelier
  • Jewellery
  • Glassware
  • Champagne flutes

Year 20 – China

  • Schedule a surprise trip to China
  • Porcelain crockery (try antique stores for more cost-effective options)
  • A bonsai in a porcelain pot
  • Take him or her out for a fabulous Chinese dinner

Year 25 – Silver

  • Jewellery
  • Cuff links
  • Cutlery set
  • Photo frame
  • Pen set
  • Quicksilver clothing / sports equipment
  • Silver underwear

Year 30 – Pearl

  • Jewellery
  • Pearl-coloured clothing or accessories
  • Hire Pearl Harbour (bring the tissues)

Year 35 – Coral

  • A Coral tree
  • A trip to the coral reefs of the world
  • Coral-coloured clothing or accessories

Year 40 – Ruby

  • Jewellery and cuff links
  • A great bottle of red wine
  • A private dance to Ruby Tuesday in a romantic setting

Year 45 – Sapphire

  • A holiday to the coast, where the ocean has a sapphire colour
  • Jewellery and cuff links
  • Blue clothing or accessories

Year 50 – Gold

  • Jewellery and cuff links
  • Gold-plated hip flask
  • Yves Saint Lauren gold glitter lip gloss
  • A trip to the Gold Coast in Australia

Year 55 – Emerald

  • Jewellery and cuff links
  • Any gift wrapped in emerald-coloured packaging
  • Emerald clothing or accessories

Year 60 – Diamond

  • Jewellery and cuff links
  • Hire Gentlemen Prefer Blondes for the famous Marilyn Monroe performance of Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.


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