Amidst all of the traditions of the wedding ceremony and even the reception that follows, the choice of transportation for the bridal couple leaves room for innovation and fun. The need for unique wedding transportation is becoming increasingly varied. The fact that themed weddings are becoming more and more acceptable may have a large part to play in this phenomenon. The majority of couples continue to prefer a slightly more traditional method of transportation – the smart car exploding with streamers and balloons from every available protrusion. These cars are usually owned by members of the bride or groom’s friends and families, and are donated for use during this event only. During the reception, this vehicle is filled with every available decoration / balloon / unmentionable and heavy graffiti to ensure that their getaway is neither private nor dignified.

A slight variation on this option is to hire a particularly rare or luxurious car, such as the ever-popular limousine or a unique vintage car. Of course, as is always the case, the weather will play a major determining role on whether this car is open-topped or enclosed. Open-topped cars are always stylish and fun, but the bridal couple needs to be aware of the fact that the “wind blowing through their hair” may not be ideal as you try to preserve your neat hair and make-up. Playful alternatives include safari-style 4 x 4’s, a personalised Volkswagen Beetle, or a ‘blinged-up’ Hummer.

The same issue arises with the romantic and somewhat nostalgic horse-drawn carriage. While nothing quite compares to the entrance made by a bride on her carriage, this image is easily shattered by running make-up and tousled hair. Before the time, ensure that the weather is most likely to play its part because, although it is never 100% reliable, this should prevent most weather mishaps. In addition, make sure that there is a plastic sheet available to cover your hair and face in case of a shower or excessive winds.

There are innovative alternatives for bridal couples wanting a ride with a difference; the choices are endless and usually depend on budget and the wedding theme. Arriving on a Harley Davidson is sure to leave an impression and rouse a good laugh, while landing in a helicopter will ensure that your wedding remains firmly entrenched in the minds of your guests.

Your choice of transportation on your wedding day is your opportunity to introduce an element of fun, class or elegance into another aspect of your day. Your identity as a couple can also be established; e.g. the couple who chooses to arrive on a roadster is a distinctly different type of couple from one that arrives in the latest Mercedes Benz model. The benefit of using this mode of identity is that it does not interfere dramatically with your choice of décor, colours or theme, which you may leave as traditional for a variety of reasons. Use this opportunity to create a unique and memorable experience for you and your special guests.

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