Kuruman Weddings

By The Celebration Team 19 Oct, 2012

Kuruman Weddings

Kuruman is a small town, found on the border of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. It is the main hub of the Northern Cape, known for its sweltering summers and very chilly winters. The beauty of this area is undeniable and Kuruman is particularly gorgeous, having the Gasegonyane (a permanent water source) to nourish and sustain the plants, animals and people that have made this their home.

Kuruman is particularly green and lush, guaranteeing beautiful backgrounds for your wedding photos and stunning views on your occasion. Being situated within the Kuruman Valley, this town enjoys all of the dense vegetation and natural birdlife of the area, lending it a spectacular ambience of the African outdoors. Whether you have chosen to have an intimate wedding for your nearest and dearest, or a larger, more opulent affair, Kuruman ensures that guests will be left in awe of the backdrops.

Kuruman is also relatively accessible, being situated on the road that stretches between Johannesburg and Namibia (in one direction) or Cape Town (in the other). This route has featured in the annals of history and still boasts many of the cultural and historical remnants that tell the tale of the beginnings of South Africa. So, honeymooning couples as well as wedding guests that stay on in the area after your special day will have plenty to do as they explore these fascinating surrounds. Some of the nearby attractions and activities include:

  • The Billy Duvenhage Nature Reserve
  • The Gasegonyane, also known as "Die Oog" (a natural fountain that delivers approximately 25 million litres of water every day)
  • The Kalahari Raptor Rehabilitation Centre
  • The Moffat Mission Station
  • The Truce Tree (a significant landmark that earned its place in history during the rebellion of 1914)
  • The Bird Sanctuary, home to about 115 different kinds of birds
  • The Kuruman Hiking Trail
  • The exquisite Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
  • Guided mine excursions
  • The Wonderwerk Cave
  • The Kalahari Manganese Field Mineral Collection
  • The Kuruman Country Club (for golf, squash, tennis, snooker and bowls)
  • The Tswalu Kalahari Reserve

Photo Credit: www.zara-zoo.com