A Match Made in Heaven

By The Celebration Team 29 Oct, 2015

A Match Made in Heaven

Matchboxes are one of the very few guest favours that tick all the boxes on the check list: Affordable, check! Customisable, check! Suitable for him and her, double check! And most importantly: Useful, check! However the days of slapping a name and date on one of these cutesy boxes are long gone and the creative juices are a’flowing. So here are some ideas to, well, ‘spark’ your imagination.

  • Decorate the match boxes in your theme colours, sparkly embellishments and finally your guest’s name – that way it doubles as place card and guest favour.
  • Surprise guests by tipping out the matches and instead filling the boxes with old fashioned candy or a block of fudge that fits neatly inside.
  • Remember that matches don’t only come in boxes but in stylish match books too, which opens a whole new can of creativity – ideal for a more formal affair.
  • Slap a magnet on the back of each match box to ensure that your wedding stays top of mind, or rather fridge, for months to come.
  • Instead of guest favours, give your special people a pre-wedding surprise and use the match boxes as save-the-dates.
  • Play with cute puns on the word “match”, “fire”, “flame” or “spark” and decorate your boxes accordingly.
  • If you really want to get creative, turn this palm-sized box into your wedding invitation – just big enough to hold directions, RSVP details and a jelly bean or two.
  • Empty a truckload of matchboxes, stick three together and finish each box off with a bead to form a mini chest of drawers. Fill them with three different treats or a combination of treats and wordy delights.
  • Instead of matches or treats for the taste buds, fill each matchbox with treats for the soul like special quotes and thoughts.
  • Alternatively, fill each box with a variety of dares or conversation cards to break the ice around the tables.
  • Create a little mystery! Put each guest’s name on a matchbox with a treat and their table number inside. Pin the matchboxes to a large pin board to then create your interactive table plan.

And, if you don't fancy the standard matchbox with the little draw packed with matches inside, there is also the option of having the flip up lid match books with the little set of matches inside which can be easily slipped into a back pocket and no worry of matches falling out the box!

The options are endless with these practical little goodies!

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