A Touch of Glass { Ornament Favours }

By The Celebration Team 05 Apr, 2016

A Touch of Glass { Ornament Favours }

There’s something so delightfully delicate and whimsical about glass, and we’re especially smitten with the idea of glass ornaments as favours at a wedding! With the number of glass techniques available at your fingertips these days, this is the perfect opportunity to personalise your wedding favours like never before.

Let’s look at mini glass jars for a second. Whether filled with sweet treats or a nametag, little jars are easy to acquire and won’t cost you a fortune. What’s more, you can tie a little noose around the neck of the bottle and hang it from the chandeliers.

Another option is to have little slips of paper with your guests’ names embedded in glass or Perspex. This can then be attached to a key ring or even be made into a Christmas tree ornament, if you’re tying the knot over the festive season. Use glass glaze to add a touch of colour if the plain glass doesn’t exactly fit your colour scheme.

Glass baubles are lovely in every way! Filled with birdseeds, feathers or dandelion petals, these little crystal wonders bring the bearer years of good luck. Once again, you have the option of slipping your guest’s name into the bauble to really make it extra special.

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