Babbelas Basics { Hangover Kit }

By The Celebration Team 09 Sep, 2014

Babbelas Basics { Hangover Kit }

There's a popular belief that a hangover in the morning is the sign of a good party or, in this case wedding, the night before! To see your guests through this post-wedding bump, consider giving each one a small hangover kit as a handy guest favour – here are some ideas as to what you can include:

  • Headache tables, and make it the strong ones!
  • A small bottle of water to down the tablets with.
  • An eye mask, to keep that early morning sun from disturbing you.
  • Chewing gum, a mini bottle of mouthwash or breath mints.
  • Ear plugs for a long and restful night’s sleep.
  • Lip ice for chapped morning-after lips.
  • A mini ice pack to ease the pain of a throbbing head.
  • An energy drink to get you up and going.
  • A nutritious breakfast- or energy bar.
  • A sachet of coffee granules or a reviving tea bag.
  • A band aid or two in case the previous night left its mark.
  • A paper bag, in case you’re overcome with a spot of nausea. (Alternatively, pack the hangover goodies in a mini bucket which could serve the same purpose as the paper bag.)
  • Perhaps a pair of sunglasses, if the wedding budget allows for it.

As a bonus touch: If most of your guests are staying at the same hotel or guesthouse, include a voucher for a glass of tomato juice or a strong cup of coffee with their breakfast.

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