Egg-ceptional! { Easter Favours }

By The Celebration Team 12 Apr, 2017

Egg-ceptional! { Easter Favours }

The holidays are a popular time for weddings – most of your guests are off from work, and travelling from afar becomes far less of a hassle. However if you’re planning a wedding over the Easter holidays, you have a certain responsibility to your guests to ensure that they have a happy Easter celebration – especially if they can’t be with their families due to the wedding.

Easter guest favours are the ideal way to make them feel special, and to make the most of this special holiday! We’re currently smitten with chocolate eggs, speckled eggs and bunnies in all shapes and sizes (very Easter appropriate), and if we can find a way to work it into the wedding theme, we’ll do it.

  • Make little edible baskets or nests out of biscuits or pretzels for the speckled eggs to sit in.
  • Use gold or chocolate bunnies as favours and also as your cake toppers.
  • Fold your napkins into the shape of little rabbits standing up.
  • Collect a random assortment of egg cups and make your own candles as décor accessories and guest favours.
  • Spoil guests with bunny-shaped homemade cookies, or cupcakes decorated with chocolate eggs.
  • Fill hollow chocolate eggs with a creamy liqueur, to be enjoyed with dessert.

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