No matter how big or small, bottles are always useful! And no matter what you put inside, you can be sure your guests will love it all the more – because of the fact that it comes in a bottle.

This is the perfect opportunity to start recycling, so no more throwing out those chutney and essence bottles – because we’ve got great favour ideas for you!

  • Instead of a basket filled with confetti (so messy!), rather fill the bottle with your confetti so each person can grab their individual haul.
  • Spoil your guests with mini bottles of your favourite hot sauce or salad dressing, which they can enjoy at home.
  • Place your little thank you note in a bottle, along with some sweet little sweets.
  • Mix a couple of your favourite spices to make your very own braai rub or meat spice.
  • For the bridesmaid gifts, place a pair of tiny earrings or a little necklace in a bottle for each.
  • Fill a bigger bottle with your favourite tea leaves or coffee beans and give that out as guest favours.
  • Candy-filled bottles and jars are always a hit, especially if they match your wedding colour scheme!

Glass Favour Bottles Available

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