Nothing says “I appreciate your presence” quite like a beautiful handmade gift! If you’re the DIY type or known for your excellent baking skills, then this post is definitely for you – so unleash your inner creative beast, and let’s get to work:

  • Everyone loves munchies! Make nougat, fudge or caramels for guests to take home and enjoy with their families.
  • If you’re good at sewing, consider making handmade handkerchiefs or fans that your guests can use on the day.
  • Put your baking skills to the test with muffins, scones or cookies in the shape of a heart.
  • Commission a soap mould with your initials, and make personalised soaps for all your female guests.
  • If you’re going for a romantic ambience, make candles for the tables and for guests to take home as favours.
  • Assemble little DIY favour packs – like a do it yourself hot chocolate kit or brownie mix in a jar.
  • Turn a non-handmade gift into a handmade gift! For instance, wrap chocolate slabs in hand-painted wrapping paper or decorate a glass jar with a handmade neck-tag or label.
  • Take up a new hobby like pottery, and make cute little pots or personalised key chains for your guests.

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