Nothing sets the mood quite like the soft glow of a flickering candle. Now imagine if your guests could take a little bit of that wedding romance home with them? Candle favours are just the way to do it, and there are so many ways to personalise them.

  • Buy a whole lot of small candles, and decorate them by wrapping small lengths of ribbon around the body.
  • Make your own vintage candles by melting wax into an assortment of tiny teacups, glass jars, vintage tins or other containers of your choosing.
  • Opt for luxury candles in tiny glasses, and personalise it with small vinyl or monogram stickers.
  • Spoil guests with the same scented candles that will be sitting on the guest tables.
  • Aromatherapy candles are always a treat, and can help your guests unwind after the reception.
  • Nowadays many shops stock candles that turn into lotion when burnt!
  • If your guests or bridesmaids are the DIY type, give them a mini candle-making kit instead.
  • Add a touch of glitz to your day with candles dipped in glitter!
  • Choose candles in pretty glass holders that are reusable. For instance, as vases, make-up brush holders or pencil boxes.

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