Laser-cut Lovelies { Napkin rings }

By The Celebration Team 20 Apr, 2016

Laser-cut Lovelies { Napkin rings }

It’s no secret that we adore laser-cutting in all shapes and sizes – and today, we’re focusing on napkin rings! This is the perfect opportunity to turn a simple element into something striking – that could potentially act as a guest favour.

The best part of laser-cutting is the fact that it can be personalised with stunning engravings and patterns to match the theme of your wedding day. Why not have it adorned with your initials or wedding date, or – better yet – each guest’s name? That’s your place cards taken care of!

We love the idea of choosing shapes of an animal theme – for instance, why not opt for little birds, foxes, deer and so forth? What’s more, you can get creative with where the actual napkin slot goes – for instance, the mouth of the cat or creature.

To match the matrimony theme, why not opt for wedding ring shaped napkin rings? Alternatively, hearts never get old, and can be beautiful when wrapped around the centre of your napkin.

Wooden laser-cutting isn’t the only option either – consider stunning laser-cut leather napkin rings or if you’re on a tight budget, paper rings. At the end of the day, it’s all about being creative and choosing a shape that matches your wedding theme.

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