Oh So Succulent { Wedding Favours }

By The Celebration Team 02 Dec, 2014

Oh So Succulent { Wedding Favours }

There are few things that bring universal delight quite like plant-type guest favours – especially in the environmentally conscious world we live in today!

If you're not exactly madam green fingers however, succulents are the ideal safe option – not only are they easy to maintain, but once you have a mother plant you can grow a whole batch of succulents without bending the budget too much. In fact, you can even combine various little succulents and surprise your guests with mini terrariums.

Of course, a succulent is only as pretty as the container in which it’s nestled – here are a couple of planter pot options to brighten up your tables:

  • Recycled glass jars – consider baby food jars or little jam pots, collected by friends and family.
  • An odd assortment of beautiful and ornate vintage tea cups – sourced from local second hand shops and thrift stores.
  • Mini terracotta pots, available from most nurseries, garden shops and interiors.
  • Recycled and beautifully decorated tin cans.
  • Hollowed out wine corks – ideal for very small succulents.
  • Mini wooden crates and itty bitty boxes, available at most craft and garden shops.
  • A selection of vintage cake tins and other old trinkets from thrift shops.
  • An assortment of pretty shells that you’ve collected over the years or better yet – ostrich shells!
  • Mini glass bell jars – oh so stylish and available from just about any décor or craft shop.
  • Simple cereal bowls or coffee mugs that you can buy in bulk and that match your colour scheme.

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