On a Roll { Rolo Favours }

By The Celebration Team 26 Jan, 2017

On a Roll { Rolo Favours }

He gave you his last Rolo, and you were his forever! This iconic candy has been a part of our lives since forever, so what better way to celebrate your own forever after than with a Rolo or three?

There are plenty of interesting ways to serve this yummy chocolate on the day – here are a few suggestions:

  • Decorate your wedding cake with a large number of Rolos, or cover the entire cake masterpiece in this delightful candy!
  • Fill a cigar box with Rolo rolls, and spoil your guests! This could also be a lovely alternative to cigars for the ladies when the men go out to smoke.
  • Place bowls of individually wrapped Rolos on the guest or candy tables.
  • Unwrap the outer layer of the Rolo wrapper, and rewrap the gold roll with your own customised wedding wrappers.
  • Personalise each wrapper with the guest’s name, and use the Rolos as place card as well as guest favour.
  • Set out candles, bowls of marshmallows, biscuits and Rolos, so that your guests can make their own chocolaty smores.
  • Include a roll of chocolate in each bridesmaid and groomsman’s gift bag, as a little energy booster.

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