You don’t have to be a scientist to realise how cute these test tube favours are! We just love the fact that you can put anything and everything inside a tube, which truly gives new meaning to the word “versatility”. Here are a few ideas to test-drive with your test tubes:

  • Fill the tubes with your very own unique braai or spice mix, which guests can use to add a little flavor to their food.
  • Female guests will adore a test tube full of luxurious bath oil, bath salts or bubble bath.
  • Spoil your guests with a test tube filled with decadent mini truffles or sweet treats.
  • Instead of a basket full of confetti, consider giving your guests confetti in tubes instead – easy to manage and it looks so stylish!
  • Some honey for my honey! Yes, these tubes are ideal for housing sweet organic honey.
  • Spoil more important guests with bigger eco test tubes, with a little tree or plant inside.
  • If you’re both fairly green fingered, why not fill the tubes with flower seeds instead? This way you can invite guests to “let love grow”.
  • Fill the test tubes with layered hot chocolate ingredients – everything you need for the perfect hot cuppa.

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