Aisle Be

By The Celebration Team 22 Sep, 2010

Aisle Be

The aisle decorations are likely the first part of your wedding décor that guests will see as they arrive at your ceremony venue. So, be innovative and creative, setting the scene for the rest of your beautiful day. Here are some suggestions:

Red Carpet – feel like royalty as you walk down the aisle on a plush red carpet. This creates a lovely ambience for a winter, night time ceremony and is complemented well by white, green, gold as well as deep red flowers.

Aisle Runner – use a fabric runner, printed with wording or patterns as your unique aisle decoration. You can choose love poems, words of a song that is significant to the two of you or simple a pattern and colours that will work within your wedding theme.

Hurricane Lamps – for a fairytale effect, place dozens of hurricane lamps containing burning candles along the length of your aisle. This provides a charming entrance, setting a very romantic and nostalgic mood.

Paper Bag Lighting – for another enchanted lighting option, place beach sand in a brown paper bag and secure a candle in the sand. When the candle is lit, the bag glows with a warm, brown light, creating a mysterious, easy and attractive lighting option. You may even decide to decorate the bag with your names or the date of your wedding.

Petals – while petals are generally quite conservative as an aisle option, placing thousands of them in a thick blanket to form an aisle is somewhat modern. You can use one colour, or the petals of many different coloured blooms. This is especially effective for a daytime wedding, or one with a country- or spring theme.

Floral Bouquets – flowers are ultimately romantic, introducing the beauty of the outside indoors. Hang posies on the edge of each of the chairs along the aisle, or have a standing arrangement that is as tall as the bride for something more trendy.

Fairy Lights – to introduce that element of fantasy romance, drape chiffon or a similarly whimsical material from one chair to the next along the length of the aisle. Then, twist fairy lights into the fabric, so that these glow inside the drapery, making it optimally soft and dreamy.

Seaside Delight – use shells and starfish to line either side of the aisle to create a gorgeous seaside scene. If you are actually getting married on the beach, use these items to create the aisle itself.

Ivy – combine ivy, organza and flowers in a gorgeous drapery between the seats lining either side of the aisle.

Balloons – for a fun idea, use helium-filled balloons to create your aisle or to line an existing aisle. These can be tied in bunches and weighed down using a lead ball, and will be effective in using your wedding colour(s) to the full.

Trees – instead of the more generic flowers, use small potted trees to line the aisle. This creates a stunning vintage effect, and the trees are re-useable as gifts for guests or for use in your new home.

The following tips will help to ensure that your ceremony aisle looks just as gorgeous as you do:

  • Measure the venue carefully and make absolutely sure that whatever you use to decorate the aisle is exactly the right length and width.
  • Make sure that your rug, runner or floor covering is something that all of your guests can walk on or bypass, if necessary. You do not want guests to injure themselves on your big day.
  • Ensure that your heels will not stick in or on your aisle décor, causing you to trip.
  • Ensure that it does not block the view for the guests wanting to see the bride and groom.

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