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A wedding takes enormous emotional and financial commitment. This is usually left largely in the hands of the bride-to-be, and reasonably so as she is usually the one who has put more thought into her wedding day. However, the stress of planning a wedding, coupled with the anxiety associated with the commitment, can frequently lead to burnout, not only for her, but also for those around her, particularly the groom-to-be. It is important for you to feel relaxed and pampered during the time before the wedding. This does not necessarily mean indulging in doughnuts and demanding shoulder massages every night. Spending the day in face masques or enjoying a glass of wine with your girlfriends is very therapeutic in times of stress. Keep your hair, nails and skin in top condition to avoid feeling neglected.

Another fantastic stress reliever is playing with pets and children. Volunteer to help out at a local charity or welfare organisation. Giving of your own time and resources helps you to reconsider the important things in life and appreciate what a blessing it is to be able to devote so much time and energy into planning your wedding day.

Writing does wonders for the soul. You may choose to keep a journal of your experiences in planning a wedding. Alternatively, when you feel swamped and weighed down, take an hour to sit down and write all of your concerns on a piece of paper. Once you have them in black and white, you will be more able to come up with workable solutions to each. You are also like to realise that they are not quite as bad as you imagined.

Time with friends is important during the pre-wedding months. Laughing, watching romantic comedies and listening to upbeat music with friends are fantastic pick-me-ups. They not only lift your mood by helping to produce endorphins, but they relax you too. A good chinwag with those who know you best will allow you the opportunity to vent your frustrations and even work out solutions together.

Keeping healthy during this time is vital. Brides are usually trying to keep their weight under control to be able to fit into their dresses and look their best. However, this should be done in a healthy and gradual manner. Regular exercise boosts the immune system and metabolism and produces ‘happy hormones’ or endorphins. If you are already quite fit, maintain your regime. However, if exercise is not in your weekly schedule, start by taking brisk walks, or having a morning swim.

Peppermint has calming and rejuvenating qualities. Sipping on a hot peppermint tea during the day will settle the nerves and assist in stress relief.

Starting a new hobby or sport is another effective means to work off the anxieties of planning your wedding. Schedule a time and / or day to take a ‘time out’ and indulge in whatever it is that takes your mind off life in general. Ceramics, painting, scrap booking, writing, embroidering, dancing, etc… are just some of the activities that many people have found work for them. Your choice will be up to personal preferences.

The planning of your wedding need not be an unpleasantly stressful and anxious time. Naturally, there will be times when you feel yourself stretched and conflicted. However, you can control this situation and it would be a shame to let these anxieties over-cloud the excitement and fun that can be had in making sure that this is your perfect day.

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