Being the bride is both fun and nerve-wracking. Because you are the centre of attention as the future wife of Mr Right, this may often lead to a sense of being the most important person in the world, even if the love you feel really does feel like one of its kind. There is a fine line between enjoying the extra attention and becoming a brat, though, and brides do well to curb their demanding behaviour. This not only makes it easier for family, friends and advisors to assist you in the smooth runnings of your day, it also eases the stress of planning your own wedding as people will be more cooperative and willing to help.

Avoiding becoming an ogre during the months and weeks before your wedding day means having to know yourself and how you react to stressful situations. Reflect on past experiences and times of extreme pressure. Were you calm and courteous? Or did you snap and insult those around you, even when they were trying to help? It is likely that, if you could not remain rational in other stressful situations, you will probably become difficult while planning your wedding.

Once you have acknowledged that you have the potential to turn into an ogre, it is vital that you understand the harm in doing so. Behaving in an unacceptable way is only going to hurt and irritate those around you and make them less inclined to help. It may also have lasting negative effects on your friendship with these ones. This is a hefty price to pay.

Make a promise to yourself that you will identify the behaviour at the outset and stop it immediately. Tell those who will be helping you that you are determined not to behave like this and that they should tell you when they feel you are being unreasonable. Of course, you then have to agree to stop the behaviour immediately and not react in an even more brutish way.

Show appreciation for the help and good service you receive. Looking for positivity around you will force you to stop and think about the extent to which those around you are going to ensure that your day is special.

Take the focus off yourself and get some real perspective by participating in voluntary or charity initiatives during your wedding planning process. Helping others will make you realise 1) that you are quite a small aspect of what goes on in the world around you and 2) the value of helping others and how much easier it is to help someone that appreciates it rather than demands it.

Think about other weddings that you have been to. Remember what you noticed the most. It was likely not the perfect execution of every tiny detail. It was probably the fun, laughter and love that characterised that day. No matter how much planning, preparation or panic is invested into the pre-wedding arrangements, the event will never be perfect. A bride who accepts the likelihood of mishaps is more likely to remain calm and focus on back-up plans rather than exploding with frustration at every aspect that does not quite pan out.

Staying calm and pleasant during the stressful time that precedes your wedding will foster an air of serenity for you and those around you. This will make it easier for everyone involved to ensure that the event is as fun, romantic and successful as possible.

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