Throwing confetti is always fun and has become an iconic part of a wedding. Like many wedding traditions, this popular ritual has ancient origins. Pagans used to shower bridal couples with symbolic grain to grant them a life of prosperity and abundance. In Italy this tradition was adapted to involve sugar-coated nuts being thrown over the newlyweds, and it’s from these treats that the word confetti is derived.

Today confetti has many different forms, from pretty petals and small pieces of colourful paper to humble rice grains. It all depends on your own personal preferences and the theme of your wedding. Whichever confetti you choose, it’s sure to look beautiful and make for a memorable moment.


Whether you’re enjoying a lazy afternoon with friends or seeking laid back entertainment for your wedding, boule (also known as petanque) is a wonderful game to play. It originated in southern France and has become an extremely popular pastime throughout the country. Boule sets are widely available in South Africa and many of our clients love to include them in their entertainment plans. The rules are not at all complicated, and you’ll soon discover how competitive (and addictive) the game can be!

Pampering time

Weddings are very special times, which is why they’re the perfect excuse to allow yourself to be pampered. Enjoy a manicure, pedicure and a relaxing aromatherapy massage a day or two before the wedding, and let your retinue take care of any fiddly shoes or veils on the day. Remember not to book a facial too close to the wedding – there’s always the chance that your skin might break out and it’s not worth taking the chance. You could also make your beauty treatments a social experience and enjoy them with your closest family and friends.

The power of poetry

If weddings are an expression of love, then poetry is one of the most touching ways to communicate your feelings on the big day. Invitations, place settings and speeches offer the perfect opportunity to include a poem or quote that means a lot to you. The timeless works of Shakespeare, Marlowe, Coleridge, Shelley and Keats are worth exploring, but if you’d prefer something more modern, simply use an extract from the lyrics of a special song.


We always take the weather into account when we plan a event, and one of our top tips is to organise umbrellas for the guests. It makes rainy weather far less stressful; no-one likes to get their outfit spoiled at a special occasion! If you’d like to do the same at your own event, be sure to find umbrellas that are either all the same colour or that match. This makes a feature out of them and can look really pretty.

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