south africa wedding

When it comes to themes, we’ve just about travelled around the globe and covered it all – Grecian, Italian, Indian, you name it. And finally it’s come to this: A real South African wedding! There’s just so much to love about our beautiful country and with its plethora of cultures and creativity, it’s no wonder that bridal couples are streaming from around the world to celebrate their union in true South African style.

So why look beyond borders for your wedding inspiration, when we have all the makings of a good opskop right here? After all, no one can throw a party quite like a South African – let’s look at some ideas.

Firstly, everyone knows a real South African makietie starts with good food:

  • Starters: Serve mini bunny chows or gatsbys, samosas, biltong tartlets, freshly baked bread (roosterkoek or stokbrood) with a selection of chutneys and chakalaka, vetkoek or skilpadjies (livers baked in lamb fat).
  • Mains: Serve potjiekos, snoek, kebabs, frikkadel (meat balls), bobotie, boerewors or leg of lamb or have a good old braai.
  • Dessert: Serve milk tart, koeksisters, hertzoggies (jam tartlets), malva pudding and souskluitjies (cinnamon dumplings).
  • Beverages: South African craft beer, wines from the wine route, mampoer (spirits) and rooibos tea.

And now for a couple of other lekker-lekker ideas:

  • Proteas are an absolute must (traditional and very fashionable at the moment) as well as any type of fynbos in general.
  • Incorporate African inspired animal prints, such as leopard, zebra, spotted hyena, and so forth, into your entourage’s outfits as well as the décor.
  • Wear African beaded jewellery and decorate the venue and tables with plenty of bead work and carvings.
  • Make a big bonfire where guests can roast marshmallows or make their very own stokbrood.
  • Entertain guests in true South African style with fire dancers, marimba music, gumboot dancers or African drum performers.
  • Use hay bales as seating and bring out the old enamel ware from Grandma’s kitchen to create an authentic South African heritage feel.
  • Appoint a face painting artist to adorn guests’ faces with tribal inspired face art.
  • Host a real South African sokkie where guests can shake their booties to the latest Afrikaans “treffers”.
  • Use rustic and natural elements like burlap, wood, wheat, dried leaves and ostrich feathers to create an out-of-Africa ambience.

For more ideas and inspiration on a South African Wedding, the original photos above and their credits, make sure to check out our South African Wedding – Local is Lekker Pinterest Board!


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