Marriage is quite a rollercoaster ride, so why not kick it off with the same sense of adventure? If a traditional white-dress wedding simply isn’t for you, rather get the adrenaline flowing with these thrilling wedding day ideas:

  • Say “I do” while soaring over your favourite spot in a hot air balloon – memorable and oh so romantic!
  • Go skydiving! Have your marriage officiated in the sky before jumping down to meet your happy guests waiting down below.
  • Many aquariums have scuba diving wedding packages, which are ideal as guests can sit outside and watch the wedding through the glass.
  • Once you’ve said your wedding vows, instruct a plane to fly overhead and write your names or monogram in the sky.
  • Hike up to a mountain with your guests (as part of the wedding weekend), and tie the knot on the highest peak overlooking the spectacular valleys below.
  • Bungee! Imagine how awesome it will be to jump over the edge just as you say “I do” and share your first kiss while hanging upside down?
  • Host your wedding on an old-school train, while en route to the reception venue, or out at sea on a classic yacht or ship.

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