Aztec patterns and colours have slowly crept onto the décor and fashion scenes over the last couple of seasons, ultimately stealing our hearts. Think boho meets Mexican fiesta. Forget traditional colour schemes and set your wild heart free!

Before we delve into the well of creativity, let’s first chat about what exactly Aztec means. If you’re unfamiliar with the culture, the Aztecs were the American Indian population that were living in Mexico before the 16th century Spanish conquest. A theme with this name will therefore be made up of a good mix of bright Mexican colours, Indian patterns, and desert inspired bits and bobs.

  • Choose a desert setting to host your wedding, and incorporate elements from the natural environment like succulents, wood and sand.
  • Dream catchers, macramé and other boho elements will form a big part of this theme.
  • Incorporate the Aztec patterns into the designs of your stationery, décor, cake and attire.
  • Think raw and chunky textures – for instance woven Aztec rugs, cotton cushions, unpolished wood and burlap.
  • Forget plain crockery and rather opt for plates painted with Aztec colours and designs, paired with colourful glassware.
  • Feathers are an absolute must, especially when dipped it a little glitter for extra sparkle.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest