Weddings can so easily become “all about the bride” – all pink, frills and rainbows with nothing to represent the presence of the groom. Having beer at a wedding however will do a lot for your hubby-to-be’s manly pride as it immediately injects a good dose of “dude-ness” into the wedding day.

The brilliant thing about beer is that it’s generally more affordable than other manly beverages like mature whisky or brandy, and the lower alcohol content means you’ll have fewer drunk guests on your hands. What’s more, there’s nothing like a cold beer in summer to keep guests cool and the sight of a keg will immediately set a relaxed braai-type mood.

While the thought of beer might shock your girlie heart, there are ways to incorporate it without wrecking the dream – it’s all about balancing the manliness with a small dash of cuteness.

  • Serve beer in mini beer goblets along with other mini bar snacks like tiny servings of fries, mini burgers and mini pizzas. The guys will love the manly treats and the girls will love the cuteness.
  • Set up a beer garden for the guys and a tea garden for the girls. This is also a great idea for a bachelor-bachelorette party.
  • Fill an old metal basin or wheelbarrow with ice, cold beers and beverages where guests can help themselves.
  • Use empty beer bottles as part of the décor. Simply strip the label and arrange freshly picked blooms in each of them – ‘n manly yet feminine arrangement.
  • Add a bit of class to the beverage table by serving craft beers from faraway places and small local breweries.
  • Have a beer and cheese pairing! It’s classy without being girlie.
  • Incorporate a tall glass of cold beer into your wedding shoot – the contrast between the manly beer and the feminine wedding dress is sure to make for a great picture.
  • Create your very own personalised beer labels, just like you would for a wine bottle. All you need is adhesive sticker paper, a good printer, and voilà!
  • Use bottles of beer as place setting. Simply tie each guest’s name tag around the neck of the bottle and maybe decorate it with a pretty bow (if hubby will let you).
  • Make sure you serve “his and hers” drinks – beer and ciders, beer and tea or beer and wine.

Original photos and their credits plus more beer wedding inspiration can be found on our Beer Wedding Ideas Pinterest board!


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