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Bird Wedding Theme


Last season it was bunnies – this time around, it’s birds! If there’s one way to make you feel like more of a princess than Snow White or even Cinderella, it’s by incorporating a birdie or ten into your wedding day – or even opting for a full-on bird theme, should you feel so inclined.

  • Hang laser cut birds from the chandeliers above each of the guest tables.
  • Opt for laser cut bird place cards and make a slit in the bottom so you can slide it over the rim of a wine glass.
  • Origami birds are an absolute must so hang them from the trees, use them as your menus and fold your napkins accordingly.
  • Keep an eye out for cute clay or ceramic birds which can be used as cake toppers.
  • Use plenty of feathers to complete the theme – i.e. as part of the centre pieces, in your bridal bouquet, in your hair and so forth.
  • Serve a selection of “bird” dishes such as roast chicken, duck and even turkey.
  • Birds’ eggs can also make an appearance or two – for instance, speckled eggs on the wedding cake or mini chocolate eggs as guest favours.
  • Make use of the bird design in your stationery elements and also include twigs and twine in the décor – reminiscent of a bird’s nest.
  • Use feathers as confetti and make a set of wings for your flower girl out of feathers and wire.

Original images and credits plus even more bird wedding theme ideas available on Pinterest