bougainvillea weddings

You see it everywhere – climbing over the neighbour’s garden gate, cascading down the side of a building or idly growing on the side of the road. However there’s certainly nothing ordinary about the precious and beautiful bougainvillea!

This vibrant and vivacious flower is certainly in a league of its own, with its most ownable and lovable property being the arbitrary shape of the plant – vines all over the place and vibrant flowers bursting forth left, right and centre. Available in shades of purple, pink and red, there’s certainly no denying that bougainvillea makes a rather striking impression. Therefore it’s important to build your colour scheme around the flower, rather than adding the flower as a last thought.

  • Strip the bougainvillea from the stems and use the petals as confetti.
  • Top the wedding cake with bougainvillea blossoms or pack layers of the flowers between the cake tiers.
  • Carry a freshly picked bunch of bougainvillea down the aisle and do play around with the shape of the wedding bouquet – for instance, opt for a tightly packed bunch or a cascade of floral radiance.
  • Bougainvillea is especially ideal for adding colour to DIY hairstyles as it doesn’t require much (professional) styling and fastening. Simply pop a flower behind your ear or tuck it into your braid.
  • If you’re having an outdoor wedding, cover the gazebo with bougainvillea and lace a couple of vines through the frames of the chairs.
  • Fill tall vases with bougainvillea petals and fairy lights for whimsical table decorations and, scatter bougainvillea petals on the dance floor and down the aisle.
  • Suspend bougainvillea branches from the ceilings and trees to create a magical and enchanting forest-like ambience.

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