Whether you’re incredibly artsy or just enjoy a good joke, caricatures should be right up your alley. A while ago we chatted about using caricatures for your wedding invitations – but that just opened a whole new can of creativity! Why not theme your wedding from top to bottom, right?

Here are some quick ideas to inspire you:

  • Have a giant caricature poster created of the two of you, and ask your guests to sign it – an excellent guest book alternative!
  • Instead of a photo booth, hire a caricaturist for the day, and have him sketch your guests.
  • Turn your caricatures into personalised wine labels and stationery for the wedding day.
  • Send the caricaturist pictures of all your guests, and ask him to sketch it before the wedding so you can use it as favours and name cards.
  • Have a group picture sketched of your and your entourage, which you can frame for the home.
  • Hang giant blown up caricature posters all around the venue to really personalise it.
  • Instruct the caricaturist to sketch special moments of the day like when you’re saying your vows or doing the first kiss.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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