Career Crazy { Themed Wedding }

By The Celebration Team 17 Jun, 2016

Career Crazy { Themed Wedding }

Every couple has their own unique story, and it’s important to make that story part of your big day. Perhaps your story started as an office romance, or maybe you met while he rescued you out of a burning building – either way, it makes for a fabulous wedding day theme!

The wedding vehicle is a good place to start. For instance, if either of you are in the fire department, ask to loan one of the fire trucks – or use your police van, Mr Policeman! In the same sense, look at farm vehicles like trucks, tractors, and so forth.

Next there’s the cake topper – the perfect place to showcase your career-love! Have it custom made to tell your story, or look for a funny cake topper that portrays some kind of inside joke. We also love the idea of a career-themed photo shoot, perhaps near your place of work (like an air strip if you’re a pilot), adding that extra touch of sentiment to it all.

Lastly, build your photo booth around the theme of your career, or even various careers! For instance, use flight attendant hats as props, include teacher glasses and a pointing stick, dress up in construction hats, or fill the box with fireman gear.

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