Show me the Chevron! { Simple + Striking }

By The Celebration Team 12 Mar, 2013

Show me the Chevron! { Simple + Striking }

Simple patterns are everywhere this season, and the one that's making the biggest comeback of all is chevron. This lovely zigzag pattern (yes, Chevron is a pattern, not a luxury car) falls in the same category and gingham, polka dots and stripes. However with its clean lines and bold corners chevron is definitely aimed at the more daring bride.

As mentioned on previous occasions, the hottest colour scheme this season is no colour scheme at all. This means choosing elements that match in other ways, like shape, style, character or, in the case of chevron, pattern. Hence if you love the idea colour-colour-colour on your wedding day, combine various shades into one beautiful chevron theme.

Always bear in mind that the level of boldness depends on the contrast between your two chosen chevron colours, for example black on white will be much more out there than light pink on white. You can also go the extra mile and opt for a multi-colour chevron pattern – for instance, blue, white and grey; chocolate, pink and yellow, coral, lime and cream; you get the idea.

Another vital tip is to go easy on the chevron and keep the rest of your elements simple – think bold splashes of chevron against a white palate. Alternatively move away from coloured chevron and go with textured chevron instead, like the fabric of your wedding dress, shape of your wedding cake frosting or texture of the table cloths for instance.

In terms of attire, full-on chevron bridesmaids dresses are absolutely stunning, however not very flattering on a more voluptuous shape. Alternatively add touches of chevron to each bridesmaid's outfit like shoes, sash or hair band to tie it all together and ties, collars, socks and braces for the guys. If you're considering multiple colours, assign one to each groom's man and bridesmaid and choose their chevron elements accordingly.

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