coffee wedding theme

If you or any of your guests are anything like us, you simply cannot function without a strong cup of coffee to start the day. So why risk having weary, unresponsive guests when you can kick the festivities up a notch with a dash of fine aromatic coffee?

Whether it’s for the drinking or for the decorating, spiking the wedding day with coffee flavours is very much like making the perfect cup of coffee. As espresso clearly demonstrates: Less is more! The trick is not to over-do it but rather incorporate it in small yet strong ways. For instance, below are a couple of ideas to get your mind buzzing – stick to your favourites so as not to overpower your guests’ senses:

  • Use coffee-stained paper for your stationery elements, or pop a couple of coffee beans into the invitation envelopes to add to your guests’ sensory experience.
  • Decorate the tables with coffee scented candles or fill vases with coffee beans, planting your candles firmly inside.
  • Set up a flavoursome coffee station with a selection of premium coffee blends from across the world, all served in your own custom printed takeaway coffee cups!
  • In terms of desserts, treat your guests to coffee flavoured delicacies like sugar biscuits, macaroons, cakes and coffee tart, or better yet – individual wedding cakes baked into coffee cups.
  • Instead of place cards and guest favours, surprise each guest with a custom made coffee mug with their name and a message on it!
  • Spoil guest with coffee scented soaps or mini bags of roasted coffee beans which should help them recover the day after the wedding.
  • If neither of you are champagne drinkers, toast your union with a cuppa joe!

Original images and their credits are available on Pinterest.