The Colour Run is an event that’s gained popularity around the world, and let’s be honest – the idea of throwing colourful powder into the air is something most of us secretly dream of. If this is your idea of a wonderland, why not introduce into the theme of your wedding day?

Here are a couple of tips:

  • Ensure that your guests are fully aware of the theme of the day, and that they dress in clothes that can be colourfied.
  • The feeling of powder caked on your skin might get uncomfortable later in the day, so set up cleaning stations where guests can rid themselves of most of the paint.
  • Make sure you do research into the type of paint powder you choose – avoid anything that might be toxic in any way.
  • Instead of an actual colour-powder wedding, simply draw inspiration from it – for instance, choose a wedding dress that’s already flecked with paint, opt for multi-coloured lighting, serve Indian cuisine, and so forth.
  • If an entire wedding themed according to the Colour Run is a bit much, why not have a trash-the-dress photo shoot after the wedding day where you attack each other with powder?

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