Frankly, my Deer { Woodlands Wedding }

By The Celebration Team 11 Nov, 2014

Frankly, my Deer { Woodlands Wedding }

First there were birds, then there were bunnies – next on the list of popular woodlands creatures is deer! The striking deer silhouette has been cropping up all over the South African textile and crafts scene, and with its many religious backstories and connections it’s only fitting that deer play a roll in the wedding day.

First up, start by incorporating the deer silhouette in the designs of your stationery, cake, wall hangings and other significant elements. If you’re going the DIY route, you might want to consider investing in a deer ink stamp which you can use to decorate anything from the table cloths and napkins to the invitations and menus.

Male and female deer – buck and doe – are clearly distinguishable by their antlers or lack thereof, and this can be a nifty “tool” which can be used throughout the wedding day. For instance, stick cardboard buck and doe cutouts on the gents’ and ladies’ bathroom doors, top the wedding cake with buck and doe ceramics ornaments, or spoil your entourage with buck and doe brooches.

Deer are beautiful animals and we love drawing inspiration from their gentle character and striking features. Because we have such a soft spot for all animal life, we do not condone or encourage the hunting of these majestic forest creatures. There are so many other alternatives to the real thing!

Ceramic ornaments and vases are still big news, and we’re especially loving the ceramic deer figurines and trophies available from local handcrafters. Paper and origami deer trophies are also available at most stationery designers and add a touch of recycled flair to your event.

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