Denim has never let you down, so why should it on your wedding day? While we don’t recommend rocking up in a pair of jeans, there are many ways to incorporate some denim into your big day:

  • Put a chic country spin on it and encourage the bridesmaids to wear denim jackets with their bridesmaid’s dresses.
  • Decorate the tables with denim table runners, or make little denim pockets for the cutlery.
  • Dress the groomsmen in classy dark denim shirts with their suits.
  • Instead of adding denim to your wedding ensemble, simply add touches of dark blue in the form of nail polish and shoes.
  • Make fabric flowers out of denim and add that to your bridal bouquet and table decorations.
  • Alternatively, turn the denim flowers into striking brooches for the bridesmaids and female guests.
  • Cut up your old jeans and make bunting out of denim to add just the right amount of street elegance to your day.
  • Ask the wedding cake designer to use denim as inspiration for the cake, or choose cake toppers wearing jeans.
  • Wrap strips of denim around glass jars for elegant yet practical vases.

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