Happy Easter from the Celebration Team! This is such a lovely and fun time of the year. Chocolate bunnies, bright coloured eggs, Easter egg hunts… wouldn’t that make for a great wedding theme?

Here are some ideas on having an Easter wedding theme:

  • First of all, be bold with your theme by using multiple colours.
  • Decorate your wedding cake with mini Easter eggs or bunny / chick cake toppers.
  • For a magnificent centrepiece, add a couple of branches to a vase and decorate them with different coloured eggs. Add fairy lights for a whimsical look and feel in the evening. Decorate any trees outside your venue in the same fashion.
  • Let your ring-bearer carry your rings in a typical Easter egg basket or a small nest.
  • Use mini speckled eggs, bunny motifs or crosses to decorate some cupcakes. Serve these “Easter cupcakes” as dessert or use them as wedding favours.
  • Warm hot-cross buns served with coffee will be an instant hit with your guests.
  • Give your wedding stationery an Easter theme with bunnies or egg motifs.
  • Decorate your venue with colourful lanterns or place baskets filled with Easter goodies all around the venue.
  • Organise an Easter egg Hunt for the kiddies at your wedding. We’re pretty sure that the adults will join in the fun as well…

Original images and credits available on Pinterest