Fly Me to the Moon { Moonstone Theme }

By The Celebration Team 06 Aug, 2015

Fly Me to the Moon { Moonstone Theme }

There’s something oh-so incredibly mystical and mysterious about the moonstone. With its unusual light milky blue-green colour, the moonstone has an almost hypnotic effect on gem and jewellery lovers, drawing you into its enchanting depths and capturing your heart.

The moonstone is said to be a symbol of passionate love – the type that will fly you to the moon – and is therefore considered the “lovers’ stone”. On the flip side, this mesmerising gem is also associated with power, strong bonds and versatility, therefore making it the perfect guest favour for honourary friends and family members.

When incorporating the moonstone into your wedding, start with your colour scheme – combinations of the lightest blues and greens, almost bordering on white. Bear in mind that moonstones often tend to adopt the colour of the surroundings, so keep your colours simple. You can further enhance the theme by playing around with lighting of the appropriate colour.

Moonstone jewellery is an absolute must for the bride, and also makes the ideal gifts for your bridesmaids. As moonstones are quite pricy, you can hardly scatter moonstones on every single guest table, however a similar effect can be created by using faux crystals in areas of lesser focus.

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