Glam up your day with glittering gold to make sure that no one can forget all the elegance of your romantic affair. Gold can be yellow, bright and sparkling, or have brown undertones with a more subdued glimmer (almost coppery); depending on your style and preferences. You may even combine the various shades of gold for a more complex colour theme.

Gold make-up is absolutely stunning and can work well with a number of different complexions. However, there are certain skin colours that simply don’t work with gold, so have trial make-up done and then look at it in different lights, and take photographs of yourself wearing it in various lighting options to ascertain whether gold really is your colour.

In order to get the most effect from your golden hues, this theme works best for an evening wedding with loads of candlelight to set off the shimmer. This will enhance the romantic ambience as well as your colour theme. In addition to candles, use fairy lights and lanterns.

To create a really strong gold colour theme, consider asking your guests to wear gold (or, at least, one gold item) to your big day. In this way, all of your photographs will have strong golden elements and your friends and family will feel that they were part of creating your gorgeous theme.

Take a look at the gallery for some more gold inspiration:


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