This theme is the very definition of the girly phrase “aaww sweet!” While somewhat unconventional, the honeybee theme oozes charm and happiness like a dripping honeycomb. It goes without saying that flowers will play a large part in the décor of the day – we’re talking flowers that look as if they were soaking up the sunshine on the meadow only moments ago – and preferably in shades of yellow and cream.

In terms of furniture, try to keep your elements as natural as possible – unfinished wooden picnic tables, burlap table cloths, hay bale seating – and play around with gold and yellow tones. The idea is to create a light and natural summery ambience where a honeybee would feel right at home.


  • Make your own little honeybees using Styrofoam balls, paint and glitter. These can then be strung from the ceiling or suspended over the floral centre pieces.
  • Opt for a honey flavoured wedding cake that’s shaped like a beehive and decorated with mini fondant honeybees.
  • Serve honey mead and golden beer (that resembles honey), and perch a little bee on the edge of each glass.
  • Use black or grey duct tape or custom made vinyl stickers to create a honeycomb pattern on the walls of the venue. This will create the illusion of being inside an actual beehive.
  • Dress your bridesmaids in lovely yellow honey-coloured dresses and round it off with a cute beehive hairstyle and honeybee hairclips.
  • Swap the traditional silverware for gold-plated cutlery and play around with bright and pretty yellow crockery.
  • Set up a honey and chocolate fondue station where guests can dip fresh fruit and treats in the gooey deliciousness.
  • Incorporate the honeybee emblem and honeycomb pattern into your wedding stationery design to really make the most of the theme.
  • Place a honey dipping stick in each guest’s glass, with the name tag attached to it. This also makes the ideal guest favour, especially when it’s accompanied by a small jar of honey.

Be sure to check out our Honeybee Wedding Theme Pinterest board as for more ideas and the original photos and their credits.


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