gatsby-wedding-theme The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is an acclaimed novel, the storyline of which is based in New York in 1922. At this time, America was experiencing a financial boost, and its inhabitants lived opulent lifestyles of lavishness and all things over-the-top. This makes for a gorgeously plush wedding theme, inviting your family and friends to enjoy some of the luxury that characterised the era of The Great Gatsby. This novel is well known by most, and is often a setwork book in schools and colleges. Therefore, your guests should be familiar with it. However, do not leave it to chance. Use very clear imagery and design elements in your save-the-dates and invitations so that guests are aware of what to expect and how to dress. To create a perfect Great Gatsby theme, try incorporating some of the following elements:

  • A black and white colour theme.
  • Long pearl necklaces, feathers and headbands for the ladies.
  • Gangster-style suits, including hats, for the gents.
  • Lively jazz music and plenty of old-fashioned boogie-ing.
  • Oriental lanterns.
  • Keep your décor characteristically “art deco” in style or go for an aviation look and feel.
  • Mafia design elements (think black and white pictures of The Godfather or Al Capone).
  • Model T Fords.
  • Tabloid newspapers (use these as your invitations and / or menus).
  • Martinis and gin.
  • Crystal ashtrays and plenty of long cigarettes (fake cigarettes will be just as effective for your décor if you have a non-smoking policy).
  • Cocktail finger foods.

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