Key to my Heart { Vintage Finds }

By The Celebration Team 23 Apr, 2013

Key to my Heart { Vintage Finds }

Since one can never really be sure where they lead or what they unlock, keys have a somewhat mysterious and intriguing charm about them. Old fashioned keys are especially coveted in bridal circles and fit in perfectly with a vintage or rustic inspired theme of any kind.

While odd keys are not exactly something you can buy at the supermarket, aunts and grandparents are sure to have a couple stacked away in a box somewhere so don't be scared to ask around. Keep a look out for a variety of big, small, odd, heavy, slim, chunky old keys and incorporate them into your wedding day in the following ways:

  • Suspend keys from the chandeliers over each of the guest tables, just for a touch of random fun.
  • Wear key-inspired jewellery like an old vintage key on a chain around your neck or a key-hairclip to complete your pretty up-do.
  • Turn an old key into a boutonniere for him, allowing him to hold the key to your heart close to his own.
  • Shake things up with an interactive table plan. Simply attach a lock to the back of each chair and let guests find their own seats by matching their keys to the locks.
  • Use actual keys as cake jewellery or simply have your cake designer make key imprints in the frosting.
  • Gentleman, why not propose with a ring AND a key to your new home (even if it's just symbolic)? Alternatively exchange keys and rings at the ceremony to symbolise your union.
  • Should you struggle to find enough old keys, buy a bag of new ones from the local lock smith and use anything from sandpaper to a hammer to make them look old and battered.
  • Print out large keys and use them as pointers in and around the venue to direct guests to key areas (excuse the pun).
  • Thread the keys onto a long piece of yarn and string it across the ceiling (as "key bunting) or along the sides of the aisle.
  • Set up a guest book where guests can share their "Key to a successful marriage".
  • To build on the key theme, add a keyhole element to the overall theme – for instance, key hole or peephole save-the-dates.

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