Wedding décor almost always includes flowers of some sort. There is something undeniably beautiful about bringing the colours and textures of natural landscapes into the prettiness of your special day. But, although leaves are normally part of the green foliage of your floral bouquets, they just don’t seem to get the attention that they deserve.

There is an endless variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colours in the world of leaves. You can pair different ones together for eclectic, informal arrangements, or stick to a certain kind (e.g. palm fronds or dramatic Delicious Monster beauties) for a more cohesive look.

Here are some ideas for ways in which leaves can be incorporated into your wedding décor:

  • Leaf art is absolutely stunning. Entire scenes, invitations or pictures are painstakingly cut into a large-enough leaf using a tiny scalpel and a very steady hand. These make for innovative wedding invitations and memorable guest favours. Get creative! Alternatively, ask an arty friend to paint or draw on these leaves instead.
  • To make gorgeous chocolate leaves, clean and pat dry plenty of rose leaves. Lay them on a piece of wax paper, all lying with the vein side on top. Melt cooking chocolate and gently spoon the chocolate onto each leaf, spreading it right to the edges. Once the chocolate has set, gently peel the leaves off, leaving a perfect chocolate leaf behind.
  • Spray pretty leaves with a light dusting of gold or silver glitter and use these in your hair accessories, décor and even garnishing.
  • Leaves are popular in ceramics, so use serving bowls or platters in the shapes of leaves, or with a leaf motif on them.

Credit: Live View Studios

Credit: Live View Studios

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Leaf Confetti and Wedding Favours
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Leaf Cupcake Dome

For more fun ideas on having a Leaf Wedding Theme, make sure to check our our Leaves / Leaf Wedding Theme Pinterest board!

Main Image Credit: Live View Studios


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