Lips for you, moustache for him! These two simple vectors are the ideal representation of male and female – bride and groom – wifey and hubby. And with so many lips-and-mo inspired bits and bobs popping up all over the place, you certainly won’t battle to find the right elements to turn this into a full-on theme for your wedding day:

  • Use giant lips and moustache prints as indicators on the doors of the ladies and gents’ bathrooms.
  • Slip cardboard cutouts of lips and moustaches onto the ends of straws for guests to have a little fun with.
  • Instead of traditional bride and groom cake toppers, decorate the wedding cake with little wooden figurines – one with lips and the other with an oversized moustache.
  • Set up a photo booth with lips-and-mo paper props on skewer sticks, and also put these paper props to good use when snapping quirky photos with your entourage.
  • Request that your male guests or groomsmen grow their moustaches for the wedding day and that the lady guests or bridesmaids wear bright red lipstick – imagine the cutesy wedding photos!
  • Invest in lips and moustache ink stamps to “brand” everything from your basic stationery elements to your napkins for cheap-cheap.
  • Buy cute little moustache-inspired jewellery bits for the bridesmaids and moustache brooches which the groomsmen can wear instead of traditional boutonnieres.
  • Bake moustache and lips shaped sugar cookies for the dessert table, and also buy a couple of molds to make quirky shaped chocolates.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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