Lucky in Love { Four Leaf Clovers }

By The Celebration Team 10 Mar, 2016

Lucky in Love { Four Leaf Clovers }

Who needs luck when you have love, right? This theme celebrates just how lucky you were to find your significant other. Four-leaf clovers always have and always will be a symbol of luck, and we love the green and organic touch they bring to any occasion.

Here are a couple of ways to make the most of them on your wedding day:

  • Cultivate a whole batch of four-leaf clovers in planter pots and use these as table decoration.
  • Use pressed clovers to decorate your stationery elements.
  • Invest in a clover-shaped stamp and use it to adorn everything from the napkins to the tablecloth with clover prints.
  • Embroider your dress with a small four-leaf clover as a secret lucky charm, or draw one onto the sole of one of your wedding shoes.
  • Treat your bridesmaids to clover-inspired earrings or necklaces which they can wear on the day and keep afterwards.
  • Instead of ordinary confetti, let your guests scatter clovers over your heads as you exit the ceremony venue.
  • Serve little cakes and pastries in the shape of a four-leaf clover, and fold your napkins to match.
  • Choose green as your main theme colour with touches of gold to modernise it.

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