You’ve been obsessed with the museum your entire life – so why not make it the scene of your wedding day? Then again, if the museum isn’t exactly open for a party, consider theming your wedding accordingly.

  • Opt for a venue that has a vintage look and ambiance about it.
  • In terms of the colour scheme, shades of brown will be an excellent colour scheme for this wedding. You can add another colour of your choice to give a modern twist to it.
  • Think old, brown, art, maps, animals, skeletons and all things vintage.

Then again, with a theme this wide, you might want to focus on one part of the museum and make that your theme:

  • Extinct animals – cardboard cutouts and laser cut shapes can be used as centerpieces on your tables or they can be used as props in your photo booth.
  • Maps – use an old globe as an alternative to a guest book, and allow your guests to write their messages on. What’s more, the dance floor can feature a projection of a map of the world.
  • Art – opt for hand-painted china, and hang large portraits at your reception venue. Then again, why not have a photo booth with an olden day portrait backdrop or frame?
  • Old artifacts – think coffee stained wedding invitations and old stamps.

Museum-inspired Products Available Now

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