Ombre is here! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – before you grab the dictionary off the shelf, let’s explain what exactly is meant by “ombre”. In essence, ombre is just a fancy term used to describe the magnificent effect of a single colour changing from shade to shade – whether it be from light to dark, or vice versa.

Whether it’s a subtle colour shift, from baby blue to white, or a more extreme and dramatic change, like deep plum to crisp white, ombre elements work with just about any theme or colour scheme. Ombre is soft, feminine, sophisticated, ethereal, elegant, magical – the list goes on and on! So let’s get colour crazy and look at a a couple of our favourite ombre elements:

  • Ombre wedding cakes, where the colour gently shifts from one shade to the next, or each tier is boasts frosting of a different shade. Alternatively, opt for an ombre cupcake pyramid – too mesmerising for words!
  • Bridesmaid dresses – here you have three options: 1) gowns made of ombre coloured fabric, 2) layered gowns where each layer is different shade, hence creating an ombre effect, or 3) an overall ombre effect where each bridesmaid dress is a solid colours of a different shade.
  • Table cloths! We especially love the idea of a grand scale ombre effect where each table cloth is of a solid colour, but all are of different shades.
  • Ombre ties or braces for the gentlemen are a must. Be sure to keep the rest of the outfit simple so as not to create visual mayhem.
  • Choose a flower specie that offers a wide selection of shades in your chosen colour, such as roses, gerberas or lilies, in order to create ombre centre pieces. Alternatively you could use different flowers, but be careful that it doesn’t become too complicated and heavy on the eye.
  • We love subtle ombre wedding dresses! The soft blend of ombre is the perfect option for the bride who’s in love with the idea of a coloured wedding dress, but still veers towards traditional white.
  • Play around with coloured lighting to create an overall ombre effect and turn ceiling to dance floor into something ombre-athtaking.
  • Ombre hair colour for long-locked brides! Consider light brown to chocolate, blonde to golden brown or something more extreme like blonde to purple!

For more ideas, original photos and credits from inspiration board above, please check out our Ombre Wedding Theme Pinterest Board!


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