Aside from serving French champagne by the bottle and opting for a wedding cake the size of the Eiffel Tower, the trick to pulling off this theme with the right amount of “je ne se quoi” lies in recreating the whimsical, glamorous and romantic ambiance that is generally associated with Paris. So choose elements that reflect this, for instance peonies, dainty lace, chandeliers and so forth.

In terms of the colour scheme, light blush pink and black is reminiscent of Paris’ enchanting yet dramatic ambiance, and you could also play around with a striking black and white combination with hints of gold. Here are some more foreign ideas that will steal your heart:

  • Adorn the walls with oversized prints of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and other significant sights of Paris.
  • Choose French inspired cuisine to make up your menu, and fill the dessert table with decadent mini chocolate croissants, petit fours, macaroons, meringues and other French treats.
  • Incorporate well-known French phrases, lyrics and movie titles into your décor and stationery elements, as well as using it as your table names.
  • Have your invitation designed to resemble a passport to Paris and recycle vintage postcards and love letters for your place mats, menus and place cards.
  • Draw inspiration from Marie Antoinette style décor – elaborate gold borders, heavily laden cake tables, ornate tea sets and opulent floral displays, to name but a few examples.
  • Set up a photo booth with Paris themed dress-up gear like moustaches, parasols , fans and top hats.

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