A polka dot wedding theme can be great fun. You get to play with all sorts of colours.
Try getting hold of small pieces of paper and put different colours alongside each other and on top of each other. A lot of applications come automatically installed with a colour selector for when you want to change your fonts in a document. Use that to come up with colours and play around.

Stunning 2 Colour Combinations:

  • Red/Pink and black
  • Red/Pink and White
  • White and Yellow
  • Pink and Brown
  • Purple and Yellow
  • Turquoise and Brown
  • Baby Blue / Turquoise and White
  • Green (any green including lime, light green, grass green, etc)

White or Black added to the 2 Combinations above can create a stunning effect.
The combinations are endless and it’s worth throwing around a few ideas before going ahead with a polka dot theme as you don’t necessarily want to appear what could be classically termed as “over the top”. So, keep it simple, don’t overdo it and have fun!! Read our article on a Polka Dot Wedding Theme.