We refuse to believe that there’s a warm-blooded person out there that can’t find a popsicle they love. They are versatile, and have that undeniable charm of fun summer holidays spent at the poolside. As a wedding theme, popsicles can convey all of the carefree joy of your childhood, coupled with style and a little quirkiness.

To create a wedding theme around the yummy popsicle, use imagery of popsicles together with the real thing. When using popsicles printed on your stationery, for example, guests are given a clue as to what theme to expect and how they can contribute to the fun and authenticity of it. Here are a few of our ideas on how to incorporate popsicles into your wedding theme:

  • Create an invitation that looks like a popsicle with cardboard – wooden stick and all.
  • Make giant popsicles out of card or plastic and hold them by their stick-handle as a replacement for a traditional bouquet.
  • Instead of welcome drinks at your reception, serve a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic popsicles. You may even put mini fruit popsicles into glasses of champagne. This will keep the champagne cool and give it a gorgeous tropical flavour as the popsicle melts slowly.
  • Have a popsicle station with loads of different flavours and colours from which guests can choose. Include alcoholic and non-alcoholic flavours.
  • Instead of floral centrepieces, place large glass vases or bowls filled with ice and colourful popsicles in the centre of each table for guests to snack on during speeches.


A fun or addition for a wedding! For more ideas, original versions of the photos above and their credits, please make sure to visit our Popsicles Pinterest Board!


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