Last season’s birds have been elbowed out somewhat by hares and rabbits as a popular design motif. There is nothing quite as cute as a fluffy bunny, but these animals have emerged on the design front in all shapes and sizes. One of the key ways of portraying them is by using different materials and textiles. Your wedding theme could, therefore, comprise ceramic, glass, crocheted, felt and satin rabbits and hares for every variety of purpose.

Traditionally, rabbits symbolise fertility and abundance within the family, making them quite appropriate for your wedding theme. This theme is quite ‘retro’, though, and that is more than likely going to be the style that you’ll achieve, rather than one of tradition. Therefore, it is ideal for couples that are au fait with fashion, known to be modern and trendy.

If you are having children at your wedding, you may decide to have a few live hares and rabbits there as a petting option. Otherwise, it is best to keep your theme ornamental. Imagine ceramic hares peering down the aisle, a fun rabbit motif on your groomsmen’s waistcoats and little crocheted hares and rabbits as guest favours. This theme just screams for you to be adventurous and innovative.


For more ideas, larger versions and the sources of the images above, please refer to our Rabbits and Hares Pinterest board! And, don’t forget to let us know what you think of these ideas!


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