Many of the most romantic movie scenes in history feature the couple bobbing along in a canoe or row-boat of sorts. So in today’s post we’ll be looking at how canoes can be incorporated into the big romantic scene that is your own wedding day.

If you’re looking to start off with a bang, why not go big with a full on river wedding? The idea is that hubby and wife say their vows in a row boat while guests watch from the river bank – oh so whimsical and completely unexpected! Then again, if that’s a little too extreme for your liking, consider arriving at your wedding in a canoe or using the little boat as “getaway car”. Other ideas include:

  • Use a recycled canoe to create a beautiful table plan with fishing line, pegs and name tags.
  • Incorporate paddles into your wedding day décor – for instance, print your programmes on mini paddles which guests can then use to fan themselves.
  • Fill an old canoe with a mountain of ice as well as a selection of beers and soft drinks.
  • Have your wedding photos taken in an abandoned canoe or out on the crystal waters of a nearby lake.
  • Commission a personalised cake topper with the bride and groom sitting inside a mini canoe.
  • Instead of a traditional guest book, request that guests write or carve their notes on an old yet somehow significant canoe paddle which you can hang on the wall in your new home

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