Rugby is Romantic! { Themed Wedding }

By The Celebration Team 06 Feb, 2015

Rugby is Romantic! { Themed Wedding }

Rugby is as much a part of South Africa as the big 5. If you and your hubby-to-be practically live and breathe rugby, why not make it part of your wedding day?

While the rugged game of rugby is certainly not synonymous with white tulle and lace, you can create the most stunning contrasts. And besides – if it’s part of who you are, why should you be bothered about straying from tradition on this one?

Just make sure your guests aren't supporters of strong opposing teams. As funny as it sounds, the fact is – you do not want any major disputes and fistfights on the wedding day!

  • Lay out numbered rugby jerseys to indicate table numbers, and create a table plan that looks much like a technical game plan.
  • Have a quirky rugby themed photography session with your entourage, where they pretend to go into scrum or you tackle your new hubby.
  • Dress the little ring bearer in your favourite team’s supporter gear, and tie the rings to a rugby ball.
  • Have your photo shoot at a local rugby sports field or stadium
  • Serve rugby snacks like biltong bites, mini boerewors rolls, beer and potato chips and dip.
  • Plan your wedding date around a big match and incorporate it into the festivity schedule.
  • Have your invitations designed to look like rugby tickets.
  • Assign “positions” to each of your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

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