As a theme, “rustic” is defined by its unsophisticated charm and simple beauty. This is especially suitable for couples that are getting married outdoors or in a charming country setting, as well as those that appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

A rustic theme also carries a sense of nostalgia with it; an appreciation of the things around us that we may have forgotten since first discovering them in our childhood – the crackling of an Autumn leaf, the delight at spotting a butterfly, the feeling of sunshine on freckled cheeks.

Incorporating some of the following ideas into your wedding will create a gorgeously rustic look and feel:

  • Wild grasses and flowers
  • Wooden signboards
  • Cross sections of a tree trunk as serving platters or cake stands
  • Centrepieces of garden vegetables, twigs or pine cones
  • Decorative bees and butterflies
  • Bales of hay as guest seating
  • Colourful gumboots or wellingtons instead of formal wedding heels
  • Glass milk jars as vases
  • Galvanised watering cans as table centrepieces
  • Display the wedding cake in an antique display cupboard
  • Serve home-made lemonade or ginger beer in glass jugs

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