The idea of playing Scrabble always conjures up images of family holidays spent indoors playing this word game because of unseasonal rains outside. Scrabble is a board game played with iconic “wooden” tiles, each with a letter and a small score printed on it, usually in black or red. On the board, there are blue, red and pink blocks that allow the player to double or triple their word- or letter score. All of these features are unique to Scrabble, and are recognisable to those seeing them within your wedding theme.

A wedding requires plenty of wording in order to invite your guests, tell them of the details, direct them and indicate who belongs where. By using the letters of a Scrabble board game, you achieve your theme while not compromising on the efficiency of your big day.

Print the letter blocks on your invitation wording to ensure that the theme is carried through, even when physical blocks are not being used. For certain things (such as directions outside the venue), you will need to have large blocks printed. Your wedding cake will need fondant Scrabble pieces. With so much scope for creativity, don’t hold back.

Have a look at our gallery for some very sweet Scrabble-themed ideas.

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